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Data citations within NCAR/UCP

Citation:Mayernik, M., M.D. Daniels, R.E. Dattore (more) , 2012: Data citations within NCAR/UCP. NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-492+STR, DOI: 10.5065/D6ZC80VN.
UCAR Affiliations: Climate and Global Dynamics Division (CGD), Computing, Data and Software Facility (CDS), Digital Learning Sciences (DLS), NCAR Library (NCARLIB), Operations and Services Division (OSD) View More
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Abstract:Federal agencies, professional societies, and research organizations in the geo-sciences are moving towards requiring researchers to formally cite data that led to a given research result. This trend promotes transparency in research by offering a direct pathway to the data so the research can be validated or easily carried forward from a known starting point. Such data citations also raise the profile of data, that is, they promote data as being as valued and rewarded in scientific settings as peer-reviewed publications. This paper is the product of an inter-divisional working group created to study, promote, and implement citations to NCAR/UCP digital resources. The paper describes how citations to NCAR/UCP digital resources could make our research products more accessible, and provides a number of recommendations for creating citations and assigning web-accessible identifiers to digital resources.
Keywords:Data archiving, Data management, Digital Object Identifier
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Published Version:10.5065/D6ZC80VN
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Report Number:NCAR/TN-492+STR
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