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Material Strength Properties of Visqueen X-124 Film

Citation:1965: Material Strength Properties of Visqueen X-124 Film. NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-5+EDD, DOI: 10.5065/D69C6VBM.
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Abstract:This report is part of a series prepared for the Materials Research Project of the NCAR Scientific Balloon Facility in order to extend the reliability and capabilities of scientific ballooning. A sample of 0.75-mil Visqueen X-124 polyethylene film was tested to evaluate its mechanical properties. Standard test procedures of earlier test programs were used and the resulting data for the X-124 film are presented in this report.
Keywords:Balloon materials, Plastic films testing
Resource Type:Report
Date Published
Date Digitized2003
Published Version:10.5065/D69C6VBM
Call Number:02609
Report Number:NCAR/TN-5+EDD
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