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OpenSky provides free and open access to UCAR, NCAR and UCP scholarly research to benefit science and education.


Featured Publication

  • Nair, R.D., L. Bao, and M. Toy, 2015: A time-split discontinuous galerkin transport scheme for Global Atmospheric Model. Procedia Computer Science, 51, 2056-2065, DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2015.05.471.

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OpenSky is operated by the NCAR Library, and is founded on the principle that public access to the scholarly record is essential to the advancement of science and society.

The vision of OpenSky is to preserve and make freely accessible the scholarly record of UCAR, NCAR, and UCP, in support of the broad mission of UCAR to foster science, support its community, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

NCAR:National Center for Atmospheric Research UCAR: University Corportation for Atmospheric Research UCAR Community Programs